Hillary Writes Copy. That’s me.

Hillary Writes Copy. That’s me.

Writer. Entrepreneur. Pineapple.

Want to know a little more about me?

First of all, I’m a nerd.

I love weird 70’s music and movies that totally bombed at the box office. I’m obsessed with Korean food and getting a good deal, and I’ve lost countless hours paging through the thesaurus looking for the perfect synonym for “nice.”

These might be inconvenient truths, but sometimes you have to roll with your quirks.

And while I might be a bit on the unconventional side, there are still so many brands and businesses that count me as a raving fan. So much so, I’ll actually pay full price….

Making Connections Comes First

You know the feeling when a company ticks all of your boxes. You can’t wait to hear about their new releases, get into twitter wars over their honor, and laugh at their ads (even when they’re not particularity funny).

They just get you.

A “let’s take a vacation together and share all of our secrets” kind of get you. Like a close friend or a cousin you grew up with but don’t see all that often.

It’s that kind of special.

Because no one likes to be sold to. But we all still need products and services to help us reach our goals and make life easier.

When you make a connection with a business on a personal level, it becomes a part of your life in unexpected ways. It’s why every server in the south has to apologize before asking “Is Pepsi okay?”

Isn’t it time YOU had fans that talk about you on a first name basis?

By offering a “so perfect they can’t say no” solution to the right audience (and presenting it in a way that makes them feel like you’re reading their mind), buying suddenly becomes automatic.

But even more than that, you gain customers for the long haul.

This is the kind of business I want to help you create.

In my past life, I worked and wrote copy for grassroots nonprofits doing good on the ground. Imagine how hard it is to convince people to spend money on a feeling instead of a tangible good or service!

But every one of those nonprofits grew (and made money), because we learned how to speak to their people. The ones who would go to bat for their cause no matter what. Because they truly were solving issues that no one else was addressing.

When you build a business based on your talents and gifts, and figure out how they can make other people’s lives better, that’s when things start to click.

Let me help you build the business you and your customers deserve, and let’s take the effort out of your marketing efforts.